Identity Program, Anna Elyse Collections

New brand identity for Anna Elyse bridesmaid clothing line, in preparation for brand relaunch in New York, October 2014.

In preparation for a relaunch of the Anna Elyse brand, the first stage was to create the new logo and motif. Because the establish brand identity used Zapfino for the brand name, we retained that typeface, modifying it a little with alternate glyphs for the intial and terminal E and the y but otherwise leaving it unchanged. The mannequin motif is constructed using an ornamental Zapfino glyph and calligraphed strokes designed to harmonize with the strokes of the typeface.
Rather than retain the Tiffany blue of the existing mark, the new brand colors are neutral (Pantone 877 and grey) to allow clothing colors to dominate in ads and collateral.
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