Polaris Media Training Materials

Three coordinated sets of slip-cased entrepreneur training materials for client Polaris Media, consisting of matching course book, journal, notepads, binder holding CDs/DVDs, and reminder cards, Each set has its own motif, and the sets are designed as a matching set when placed together on a bookshelf. The work included design, typography, iconography, image adjustments and corrections, and coordination with print providers and slip case manufacturers.

Design project included three sets of matching course book, journal, notebook, reminder cards, CDs and DVDs in a custom binder, and a matching slip case for each set. Shown here, all three course books and representative CD set, DVD set and reminder cards.
One set in custom-manufactured slip case.
The backs of the three slip cases are designed so that they form a clear sequence when placed side by side on a bookshelf.
Representative spreads showing the design pattern for each of the course books, #1
Representative page spread #2
Representative spread #3. Cartoon by the brilliant Rick Penn-Kraus.
Representative spread #3. Callouts with famous quotations accompanied the text throughout. Icons in the margins flag items of special note in the text.
One of many two-page image spreads created from client-supplied images (insets) and stock photography (background).
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