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NBAA 2021 Show Booth Graphic Workflow
Complete graphic treatment for 20x20 foot display booth and interview space at the National Business Aviation Association annual show, Las Vegas, 2021. Booth architecture and construction by JWI Events. Graphic design implements Hutchinson worldwide corporate branding guidelines, with individual panels created in Adobe Illustrator (all vector elements) and Photoshop (photo treatment). Creating a mockup of the booth in Adobe Dimension allowed for easy client presentation and quick turnaround on client approvals. The Hutchinson name, symbol, and catch-line "We Make It Possible" are trademarks of Hutchinson SA and its subsidiaries worldwide.
Sun Tzu: Book design and typesetting.
A new translation of "The Art of War" by Colin Thorne, designed and typeset originally for a private edition, now on sale to the public. Copies of the original hardback were requested by the West Point library and University of Beijing.
"War on Your Wealth" radio series promotion
Mailing piece and web image design and layout for Straight Talk Wealth Radio's "War on Your Wealth" series of recorded radio shows on CD. Coinciding with the launch of a new website, project included packaging and label designs for the individual shows, direct mail promotion and images for the new website and online store.
Polaris Media Training Materials
Three coordinated sets of slip-cased entrepreneur training materials for client Polaris Media, consisting of matching course book, journal, notepads, binder holding CDs/DVDs, and reminder cards, Each set has its own motif, and the sets are designed as a matching set when placed together on a bookshelf. The work included design, typography, iconography, image adjustments and corrections, and coordination with print providers and slip case manufacturers.
Direct Mail Advertising, Compass Computing
We were asked to create a direct mail piece for use in a pilot campaign by a local IT services company whose primary market is SMB companies without in-house IT staff. All stock photography from Adobe Stock.
Anna Elyse Separates Campaign
First ad in a campaign to introduce a new collection from Anna Elyse, to appear in Martha Stewart Weddings and Brides magazines, Spring 2015 editions. Photography by Duff Images, Studio City, CA. Model: Paris Duff.
Straight Talk Wealth Radio CD Series
A series of CD and cover designs for recorded programs by Straight Talk Wealth Radio.
"Instant" Concert Ad on a 1 hour deadline
The client sent two photographs of the artist and a request for a full page ad in 2 hours time. Neither photograph was suitable. Some fast work in Photoshop and InDesign helped meet the deadline. (The full story is here:
Theater Season Program
Season Program concept, development and design for regional performing arts center, as part of branding the new venue in its local market. (Covers and sample pages from two editions.)
Rebranding Project
Rebranding for a national consulting firm, including basic identity program, collateral, website, style guide.
Complex message, simple flier
Communicating to a highly technical audience about a sophisticated, industry-leading product requires balancing big layout items to get attention with enough of the right copy to get the marketing message across.
Logo for organic products startup
Logo for a small business startup, as part of overall branding, utilizing the delightful "Origins" script face.
Promotional Poster
One of the big pain points of living in Austin, TX is the traffic. This poster for a mobile spa service positions it as an alternative to driving to competitors with fixed locations.
Acessory Snobs direct mail campaign
Identity campaign for costume jewelry client Accessory Snobs. Customer base is women 40-55 who generally buy directly at retail or from the company website. The campaign showcases individual items under the theme of mischievous "guilty pleasure" derived from surveys at retail locations. The photo shoot ran the gamut of impish expressions by actress Denice Duff, who modeled each piece. Each selected image gets its own zany "quote" accompanied by the tagline "Guilty pleasure... It's chocolate for the soul." We're handling the creative direction, art direction and designs for this project.
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